Tips for Choosing the Right Layout

Selecting the right layout for your home is one of the bigger decisions you’ll make while apartment hunting. Picking the right home that suits your lifestyle needs and offers you plenty of space to express your personality is a matter to consider carefully. Our Miami Apartments—Monarc at Met3—offers a wide variety of studio, one, two, and three bedroom floor plans so we have compiled a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right layout for you.

Step one includes figuring out the size of home your lifestyle requires. Perhaps you like to entertain and host dinner parties so a spacious kitchen and living room is essential, but you can compromise on the size of the bedrooms. If you have a significant other, roommate(s), or a family, you may need enough space for an office and a play area. Keep these things in mind as you decide between a studio, one, two, or three bedroom apartment.

Step two requires you to ask for advice. Our parents and friends may have experience renting an apartment that was the wrong size for their needs and may be able to provide helpful insight from their experiences. Ultimately, you will make the final decision, but a few words from the wise can help alleviate some of the stress.

Step three is to trust your instincts. When you walk into the right apartment, you’ll begin to imagine your furnishings in the space. There probably won’t be waterworks like when a bride finds the perfect dress, but the feeling of home should surface in your gut. Listening to this instinct will make your decision so much easier.

Moral of the story is trust yourself, take size, space, and cost into consideration, and have living at your new apartment in Miami!


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