Puppy Fever?

Social media is beginning to take over our lives. We enjoy images of our friends’ vacations, their beautiful weddings, and even witness the first moments with their newborn through photos. While these photos bring temporary happiness and entertainment, we would argue that the best photos on social media are the puppies—the more chubby and fluffy, the more likes the pup guarantees. So if puppy fever hasn’t hit you yet prepare yourself because it is coming and we are here to offer tips for when it happens:

Puppies are a huge commitment. You need to be able to commit your time, energy, and love to them. If you aren’t sure you can dedicate your resources to Buddy, it may not be the right time to get a puppy right now.

Now that you have confirmed you’re ready for the commitment a puppy requires, it is time for a bit of research and reflection. Consider the type of dog you want whether that is an active and energetic pup or a more laid back pup that likes to play sometimes. Research different breeds (look up any health concerns for the particular breeds you are curious about) and then begin searching your local shelters and joining adoption groups/pages on Facebook.

Before bringing your new puppy home, it may be a good idea to puppy proof your apartment. Think of the stuff you would normally put away because your sibling is bringing your niece/nephew over to your house. Puppies can be clumsy and a bit fussy much like tiny humans so it is best to make sure to pick things up off the floor so they don’t chew on your furniture, clothing, or shoes.

Create your new puppy a safe space where their toys, food, and bed will be kept. Educate yourself on puppy behavior and puppy training before you bring them home. Research the breed in depth to ensure you have the proper items to take care of the dog you are committing to.